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Documenting the people and places of Crofton Park, street by street

Crofton Park is a ward in the London borough of Lewisham, with a population of about 15,000. Most of its 90 streets were laid out from the end of the nineteenth century. 

    Its borders are, to the north: Comerford and Merritt roads; south, Stanstead Road from Blythe Hill Lane to Rojack Road; west as far as Beadnell Road, then  Garthorne, Grierson, Buckthorne and Howson Roads, and to the east: Huxbear Street; Manwood, Bankhurst and Montacute Roads, and part of Blythe Hill Lane.

   The Street where You live is where you'll find informati0n on each street in Crofton Park; when the houses were built, and who lived in them from the earliest days up until the outbreak of World War Two, 


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