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Forest Field and Suburb: the evolution of Crofton Park

On Saturday 8th June for Brockley Max 2024,  Mike’s history walk traced the origins of Brockley Green and Crofton Park. 

What We Do For Two Shillings 

In the late nineteenth century, Crofton Park's rapid growth brought a huge range of shops, selling an extraordinary range of goods and services to residents. New industries and businesses employed thousands of people, creating a thriving local economy. 

   We'll find out about tennis-racquet stringers, germ-free cows, and the latest in phone technology; there are factories and street traders, and a plethora of businesses run from homes.

   The talk will be by Carol Harris, and will be illustrated with local advertisements from 1880-1939. 

When: Thursday 28th May. Talk starts at 7.30pm. 

Where: on Zoom. Please sign in with video and audio enabled . 

Meeting ID: 846 1242 2860

Password: 257737

See you soon!

Crofton Park in WW2

Illustrated online talk

Our latest online talk about the history of Crofton Park is on Friday 8th May, starting at 7.30pm.

The topic is Crofton Park in WW2  and it will be given by Mike Brown, whom some of you will know from the WW2 history walk he led during Brockley Max last year.  

   On Saturday 7th September, within minutes of the start of  the Blitz on London, a house in Sevenoaks Road, Crofton  Park was hit. That night, St Cyprian’s Church in Adelaide Avenue was destroyed. By the end of WW2, bombs and V-weapons had razed more than 250 homes, damaged thousands more, and killed 97 people in Brockley and Crofton Park. 

   Shelters, evacuees and rationing all have a part too, so join us and find out where, even today, you can see the evidence of Crofton Park's war.

MISSED THE TALK?  Watch it on Youtube:

Crofton Park: 'Better Than It Looks' 

Illustrated online talk

I shall be revisiting the talk 'Better Than It Looks', on the development of Crofton Park for those who missed it on Friday.

Where: On Zoom. 
Meeting ID: 726 4941 9068Password: 091524
When: Wednesday 29th April 2020
What time: 7.30pm-9pm

So if you missed it before, please enable your video and join me on Zoom, via the Waiting Room. 

Meeting ID: 726 4941 9068
Password: 091524...

Illustrated online talk

Crofton Park: 'Better Than It Looks' 

JOIN US ON FRIDAY 24th APRIL 2020 at 7.30pm
We shall hold our first online meeting on Friday next week. We shall be talking about the creation of Crofton Park, from its origins as the Kentish hamlet of Brockley Green to the London suburb we all know and love.

Where: On Skype. Our Skype name is harbro_7.  If you are not on Skype, you can join our meeting as a guest.
When: Friday 24th April 2020
What time: 7.30pm-9pm

The Building of Crofton Park

24th January 2020:  

Mike will be talking on the development of Crofton Park at the next meeting of Lewisham Local History Society. It will be at LLHS's new venue, in Canadian Avenue, 200yds from Catford and Catford Bridge railway stations. 

Where: St Dunstan's Jubilee Pavillion, Canadian Avenue, Catford SE6 4SW. 
When: Friday 24th January 2020
What time:: 7.30pm

Crofton Park History Drop-In

Come and join us at our monthly get-together. We'll bring old photos and maps, and you bring your memories, photos, questions and comments. 

Where: Crofton Park Eco Community Library, 375 Brockley Road, SE4 2AG
When: First Saturday of every month
What time: 11am-12pm
2019 Dates:​​
  • Saturday 2nd February 2019

  • Saturday 2nd March 2019

  • Saturday 6th April 2019

  • Saturday 4th May 2019

  • Saturday 1st June 2019

  • Saturday 3rd July 2019

  • Saturday 4th August 2019

  • Saturday 7th September 2019

  • Saturday 5th October 2019

  • Saturday 2nd November 2019

  • Saturday 7th December 2019

Crofton Park History Walk for No Car Day

Join our free history walk marking No Car Day on Sunday 22nd September 2019. We'll find a centuries-old footpath, signs of an extraordinary canal, and a bridge that is no more, as we take a long view of the way public transport has shaped our area.

The Blitz on Crofton Park

Even a short walk around Crofton Park shows the effects of enemy action in WW2. Was your house damaged by enemy action in WW2? If it was in Crofton Park or Brockley, probably yes, and probably more than once. Mike Brown will be talking about this and other incidents in his talk, The Blitz on Crofton Park, at the next meeting of Lewisham Local History Society, Friday 22nd February 2019. 

Where: Methodist Church Hall, Albion Way, SE13 6BT
When: Friday 22nd February 2019
What time: 7.30pm

Talk: What We'll Do For Two Shillings      

Talk by Carol Harris for Lewisham Local History Society on the shops, businesses and industries along the Brockley Road, 1880-1930. The rapid shift from rural Kentish hamlet of Brockley to London suburb of Crofton Park, is reflected in the places where the new residents worked and things they bought. In a striking parallel to today, it will look at complaints about the lack of public transport for commuters, and at some of the home-based businesses that catered to needs of the new commuting class. The talk is illustrated with pictures of the shops as they were 100 or more years ago and advertisements for local businesses form that time.

Exhibition: The Streets Where We Live

Specially created for Brockley Max 2018.

   The Streets Where We Live tells the story of Crofton Park and the first residents, in postcards bought and sent by the people who lived in the houses and streets 100 years ago.  The cards show the new streets, homes, schools, and landmarks.

   Come and see what has and hasn't changed in the last century, and find out about the people who lived in the houses we live in today. 

Where: St Hilda's Church, Brockley Road, SE23 1PL
When: Saturday 2nd June -- Saturday 9th June
What time: view the exhibition during the week, whenever St Hilda's church is open.
We shall be there each day from 1-2pm. 

Talk: 'Better Than It Looks' -- The Crofton Park Story

Featuring famous residents including Spike Milligan; riots and reprobates; schools and scandals. Come and hear how ,in just 40 years, the Kentish hamlet of Brockley became the London suburb of Crofton Park.

Where: St Hilda's Church, Brockley Road, SE23 1PL
When: Saturday 9th June
What time: 2-3pm. 

Crofton Park History

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