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Crofton Park History

CPLR52 New B Jack Colour LR.jpg

Crofton Park Pictures

Find the street where you live, the local shops, churches, pubs and other landmarks  in our selection of pictures from the earliest days of Crofton Park.  High-resolution colour prints can be supplied mounted and ready for framing.
CPLR52 New B Jack Colour LR
CPLR50 Library LR
CPLR1 Brockley Road at B Grove LR
CPLR71 CroftonParkStation copy
CPLR32 Beecroft LR
CPLR9 Howson Rd LR
CPLR Brockley Grove +Cottages LR
CPLR21 Br Grove Corner LR
CPLR29 Cottrell 188 B Rd LR
CPLR6 Hilly Fields+Road LR
CPLR7 Hilly Fields+Path LR
CPLR8 Hilly Fields 3 LR
CPLR5 Hilly Fields LR
CPLR4 St Margarets Rd LR
CPLR38 Cemetery LR
d CPLR22 Br Grove to Hilly Fields LR
CPLR68 Methodist Church LR
CPLR3 B Rd Chappells LR
CPLR70 Brockley Road St Andrew's LR
CPLR33 B Rd to StAndrews LR
CPLR66 Merritt & Horse LR
CPLR67 Merritt LR
CPLR11 B Rd Arlo & Mo LR
CPLR42 Dalrymple Rd LR
CPLR31 Bridge2BeecroftLR
CPLR23 Br Rd fromStationtoBrockleyb_w LR
CPLR59 St Hilda's hall LR
CPLR15 St Hilda's Hall LR
CPLR16 St Hilda's LR
CPLR39 Chandos LR
CPLR17 Chandos LR
CPLR18 St Saviour's LR
CPLR28 Two Brewers pub LR
CPLR34 Broadway Theatre LR
CPLR37 Catford Station LR
CPLR38 Cemetery LR
CPLR48 Ladywell Road LR
CPLR49 Ladywell LR
CPLR54 Old Jack bw LR
CPLR53 Old B Jack Colour LR
CPLR61 St Margaret's Rd LR
CPLR51 Montague Ave LR
CPLR57 St Augustine's Honor Oak LR
HR wickham
CPLR56 PrendergastRusheyGrn LR
CPLR35 Brockley LR


Crofton Park began when postcards were the easiest and cheapest way to communicate. With deliveries several times a day, a postcard to a local address would reach its destination within hours.

   Mansfield's, a local stationers, published a range of postcards of local streets. 

   Local photographers such as Woods, Helmer and Webster, and Long's, all had studios in the Brockley Road and might well have taken some of the images here.  


High resolution prints of the streets and sights of Crofton Park make an unusual and personal gift.

The images are A4 size (approximately 210 × 297 millimetres or 8.27 × 11.69 inches), printed on high quality photographic paper.


Mounted print -- £15 

2 or more mounted prints -- £10 each

1 print -- £8

2 or more prints -- £7 each


Standard second class postage and packing, to UK address, for orders up to 100g: add £1. Delivery and collection locally on request. 

How to order

1) Please go to the 'Contact' page

2) For each order, please tell us

-- the order number. It begins CP...  

-- how many copies you would like

-- the address for posting

-- a contact telephone number or email

Questions and comments

Please use the contact form.

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