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Lost...and found!

The whalebone which was previously on show at the Brockley Jack (see previous post) has been found, and is with the family of the late Ben McCrea, who was the pub's historian .

A member of staff at the pub gave it to Jamie McCrea and Lisa Barber, Ben's son and daughter-in-law, when the family visited the pub last year, to mark the first anniversary of Ben's death.

They were among many people who asked where the whalebone had gone, and were told it was going to be thrown away.

The whalebone, previously on show above the pub fireplace, had been removed by the pub management. The family took it for safekeeping and have it now.

Discussions about the future of the whalebone are ongoing; we shall let you know when we hear any more news.

Pictured above, left to right: the replica whalebone on the pub's exterior; the original whalebone in its previous location, above the pub fireplace.

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